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With the clutter of infinite choices looming overhead, it’s difficult to find a moment to catch your breath, to quieten all the noise and figure out what’s most meaningful to you. In Greece, you find these moments at the kitchen table surrounded by family, friends and food. 

The kitchen has always been the heart of Greek homes. You will find that cupboard shelves hold herbs and stories, jars carry tears of sorrow and joy, whilst scattered across the table are secrets along with breadcrumbs. It is the mess of little dishes and oil spills, that evokes the most authentic side of yourself. The humility of simple homemade food takes down your guards, sheds your inhibitions and allows you to be your most honest, genuine self.  

This springs from the cook’s ability to recognize the value of cooking on the basis of natural ingredients. It is their knowledge on the ingredient’s characteristics that allows the cook to see its infinite potentialities. To see in a simple tomato the potential for something sweet or savory, for a soup, sauce or even a salad.  There are no enhanced ingredients, no intricate garnishes, no perfect platters and yet the meal is so deliciously fulfilling and rich in flavor. It is simple but complex in the way knowledge and practice come together to create something with quality and, therefore, good for you. 

In Koukaki, in an authentic neoclassical home, you will feel the heat of the kitchen warm your heart as you imperfectly chop tomatoes, spill sauces and stain your lips with wine. Greek cuisine will inspire you to be simple in the way you cook, but more importantly in the way you play with the natural ingredients of your own character. 

This Tale unfolds for half a day in the unspoken but genuine treasures of Athens: the humble kitchens of her simple neighborhoods.

Although this city roars with the rumbling laughter of her people and the words of Classical thought echoing off her ruins, Athens remains simple. Simple in the honesty of her homes and the warmth that lies within them. Simple in the way brewed coffee and home-made food tie her sokakia (narrow streets) together. Yet wise in the way culinary goods create community and quench the need for human connection.

Your day begins in the neighborhood’s local stores scouring for those genuine ingredients that will satisfy your personal taste. If the day allows (especially Fridays), you will stroll through the neighborhood laiki (open market, “λαϊκή“) and discover the subtilties of organic fruit and vegetables; from the mud caught in the grooves of regional potatoes to the juices dripping in the bite off a fresh tomato. 

It is the cooking process that allows you to cultivate the true potential of an ingredient, to synthesize differing flavors, to create new sensations and ultimately heighten the experience of food.

In the guidance of a culinary mentor, you learn how to recognize an ingredient for its genuine character. How to see all the details that often go unnoticed; all the unique characteristics that hold the possibility of creation. The character and properties of ingredients determine the dishes you can create and of course the taste they deliver. But they have to be genuine and real and the cook needs to know the wisdom they carry inside. This is why with a few simple ingredients you can prepare magnificent meals. Real and simple!

Throughout the program, you will play in dialectic games and activities to explore the ways simplicity can be practiced in the creation of a dish but also in the cultivation of your personal character. So, as you sift through the options at the local butcher or the baker’s batches of fresh bread and consider the possibilities, you may find yourself sifting through your own emotions and those characteristics that define the realness in you. In the most discrete ways yet with the most impactful rewards, the simplicity of fruit stands and coffee bean sacks will inspire you. 

With bags full of fresh ingredients, you head for a neoclassical home where cooking will take place!

In the midst of slicing knives, bubbling pots and cluttered sinks, experience the true magic of cooking come to life. Put knowledge into practice to allow for the most nourishing and flavorsome creation. Recognize how your onions need to be caramelized, when your mushrooms should tumble into the pan or what temperature makes a pie’s crust crisp.

The epitome of fulfillment  is felt once the kitchen knives are put down and the forks are picked up. When you revel in the rewards of the process and see before you the final outcome; either in a family dish or in the fruits of your own personal development.  

Late in the afternoon, with small plates and feta crumbles dotting the table whilst wine slips into the basin of your glass, you finally eat! Smells sneak into every bite and textures twirl along your tongue. Taste the ingredients you picked from the market and remember which culinary secrets brought its flavor to life. Behind your vissino “spoon sweet” you will see the colors of your fresh sour cherries and behind your outbursts of laughter you will see the colors of your natural authentic self. 

What is Included

  • The Wisdom, “Simplicity” is this Tales’ insight on how to live well. It is the very heart of this experience beating through everything you do and the way you do it. 
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor accompanies you throughout the day to guide you in the experience of the wisdom as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the other activities to illustrate the wisdom.
  • This experience unravels in one full day
  • Expert local cook will guide you through the process of choosing ingredients and cooking
  • Local practices and activities, include but are not limited to;
    • An exploration of local neighborhood in the center of Athens, Koukaki
    • Guided pickings of fresh local organic ingredients in the neighborhood’s vibrant food market, laiki
    • Cooking session with an expert cook 
    • Full Greek meal in local neoclassical home
  • All organic ingredients you pluck from the market stands 
  • Local beverages 
  • Snacks to nibble as you cook
  • The final meal

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Consider this Classic Tale a crash-course for you to dip your toes in Classical Wisdom! In one very full day! Although this Tale is small, we always try our best to create personal and fulfilling experiences that address the human in you. 

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