Lead a Meaningful Life by Being Simple


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In this Tale, you gain insight on how you can lead a meaningful life by being simple.

Being simple [hyperlink to full Simplicity Wisdom in Connect] in the way you practice being natural and real, true and authentic; being, first and foremost, human. Simple in the way you are open and honest in revealing yourself, free and unashamed in accepting the complexity of your emotions and your human nature. 

Regardless of age, gender, nationality or phase of life we are in, it is often difficult to understand what is truly important and what will make us genuinely happy. We find ourselves caught in a maze with infinite distractions, loose connections, and impossible expectations that overwhelm us and cloud our ability to make meaningful choices. Choices that ultimately define our quality of life. bhlaaa blhaaa blah blahhh sentence.

That which makes us human is that which makes us unique. It is a simple truth, simple in the principle it represents, intricate in the unveiling, demanding in embracing.

For two days, Aigialeia’s vineyards and olive groves, citrus fields and rich waters, will reveal the wisdom of her simplicity.

Nature will inspire you to act simply, to be truthful with your actions, honest with your thoughts and recognize the way in which you can find what is most important to you.
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Allow yourself to play with the natural ingredients of your character, in order to live a meaningful and flavorsome life.

In the warmth of Aigialeia’s land and sea, you will feel free to step away from formalities or superficialities, so that you may reveal the human aspects of the real you; the traits that are at work in the making of who you are. By being simple and true you will recognize the reasons that shape your behaviors, form your perceptions and effect your emotions. 

Experience a simplicity that allows you to see with clarity the foundation of your true nature and your character so that you may make choices true to who you are. Simplicity guides you in making choices that give you a warm sense of fulfilment; drawing meaning from a life that you define as your own. 

It is the awareness of true self that helps you grow and brings out the best in yourself.

Our activities are affected and change depending on the season. In the summer, you will explore the soils of olive groves and vineyards, but in the winter, you will trail through citrus fields and vegetable patches. Irrespective of nature’s varieties and changing seasons, her produce is always abundant and her wisdom nutritious.

  • DAY 1
  • DAY 2

On this first day you will explore vineyards and olive groves and immerse yourself in a meaningful environment free from tensions and distracting tribulations.

Local agricultural practices serve as examples of simplicity practiced in daily life, but it is our dialectic games and activities that show you how to practice simplicity [hyperlink to full Simplicity Wisdom in Connect] from within. 

will spend the day venturing into local vineyards and groves to come close to nature’s fundamental qualities, her fruits’ individual characteristics and discover where meaning is cultivated. Here, you will discover how to find value and meaning by cultivating true to character; be it in the growth of grape or self.

Local experts will unveil to you the truth [hyperlink to Truth Tale] behind fine-tasting wine, nutritious olive oil and juicy citrus fruits. It is the locals’ knowledge, skill and practice of their craft that serve as an example of how remaining natural and organic allows you to reach your fullest potential.  

Walk between grape vines and discover the real reason for its aroma, the culprit behind its mischievous taste. Explore olive oil mills and uncover how color wisely speaks of the olive before the oil. Press your palm into the ridges of orange peels and question how well they define the juice that’s inside. Taste all the qualities that bring them flavor; all the natural inner characteristics that give them value. 

You will feel the benevolence of nature, the solace of being true, the warmth of partaking in the experience of being human.

Our dialectic games and activities – signature of Sophia’s Best programs – will seamlessly but enthusiastically help you reveal your authentically true self.

Local experts will show you the way nature reveals her truths, whilst a Sophia’s Best mentor will make you feel inclined to naturally do the same. They create an awareness on how you can actually adopt the practice of being simple [hyperlink to full Simplicity Wisdom in Connect] in the maze of your everyday life. Encouraging you to be unfiltered, unprocessed and authentically true. 

You will share your thoughts and feelings and let the words on your mind slip freely from your tongue. What keeps you up at night? What moments play over in your head? What makes you unforgivingly laugh and when do you feel full to the brim? Liberate your organic, informal and unrefined expression. Loosen in the comfort of being your real self and recognize the best in you. 

Your day will end with a cooking session [hyperlink to Cooking Tale]; a moment to play and turn knowledge into practice!

Warm your heart and soul in the naturalness of the moment and the realness of your feelings.

In a local’s farmhouse, somewhere lost in the bloated bumps of Aigialeia’s mountains, you will celebrate in the wonder of a humble kitchen. 

With the guidance of a local cook, you synthesize local organic ingredients and savor the flavors you spent all day getting to know. Pour wine recognizing the potential of a simple grape to be the sophistication that fills your glass.  Eat fruits knowing that those sore to the eye can be the sweetest to taste. Share stories and remember what truly brought them into being. And as you eat accompanied by Grecian stars, you’ll look into the sky and be reminded of your true nature and the great potentiality that lies within you if you simply act naturally. 

Today you hunt for mushrooms only to realize that the most valuable and meaningful treasures are hidden behind what first meets the eye.

Unveiling yourself needs the encouragement of the sun, the inspiration of nature and the company of your friends. Which is why the Tale unravels for a second day in the produce of Mt. Helmos’ forestry. 

Mud will bury itself under your nails and cling to the bottom of your shoes as you peel back the surface to discover hidden mushrooms. Quality resides behind the surface; not only for the mushroom below the soil, but also for the values behind what you say and do. These are the characteristics that define the real, authentic you. Our dialectic games and activities will light-heartedly and naturally release inhibitions and let you unveil the reasoning behind your choices, the worries that inhibit you and the strengths that empower you. These are the makings of who you are and create the infinite possibilities of who you can become. 

Embody this simplicity [hyperlink to full Simplicity Wisdom in Connect] in the kitchen of a local taverna!

With a basket full of freshly picked mushrooms, you will revel in the simple yet unbelievably creative cooking process [hyperlink to Cooking Tale].  

A local cook will show you how to detect ingredients’ qualities and how to respectfully bring their flavor forward.  Grip the pan against the fire. Peel, chop and dice, bring oil to a sizzle and make mushrooms go soft. Bear witness to the potential of creating close to origin and participate in the process of bringing potential to life. 

Weather permitting, your dialectic games and activities unravel in the embrace of a hidden lake or the warm train tracks of a nearby village. Humorously and spontaneously, removing filters and restrains, you share your truths. Feel at ease to free a croak of laughter in the most unsuitable of places. Say the words you’re afraid will forever change what happens next. Release. 

Peel away social formalities or externally imposed expectations. Instead, act naturally within your character, authentic to your values and honest with your emotions.  

Become your best self because you are simply being your truest self.

What is Included

  • The Wisdom, “The Wisdom of Simplicity” [hyperlink to full Simplicity Wisdom in Connect]” is this Tales’ insight on how to live well. It is the very heart of this experience beating through everything you do and the way you do it. 
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor accompanies you throughout the day to guide you in the experience of the wisdom as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the other activities to illustrate the wisdom.
  • The experience unravels from morning to evening for two full days. Each day is filled with activities where every moment is an opportunity to experience the wisdom.
  • Expert locals welcoming you into their homes, trades and crafts
  • Local practices and activities, include but are not limited to –
    • Exploration of local vineyard 
    • Private wine-tasting in local winery
    • Walk through local olive grove and traditional olive oil mill
    • Olive-oil tasting in secret location
    • Two cooking sessions in local home and taverna
    • Walk through lemon and orange groves
    • Mushroom hunting in Mt. Helmos
    • Excursion to hidden lake and tucked away villages
    • Meal in wine-maker’s farmhous
  • Snacks and coffee in town
  • Special lunches and dinners hosted in local homes or tavernas
  • All meals are authentically Greek made with local, organic produce 
  • Local beverages 

What is not Included

Our original price does not include transportation and accommodation. However, we collaborate with authentic, local accommodation providers and transportation agencies. There are multiple transportation and accommodation options, so we will decide together upon a choice that respects your personal needs and budget.