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you can inspire others

Sophia’s Best is looking to you, to share your Wisdom. It is your Wisdom that can inspire others and empower them on their personal journey to happiness. It is your ideas, experiences and stories that hold the truths to be told and the valuable messages that need to be shared.  

In an effort to build innovative ideas and generate a new future, we seek out each other’s wisdom. We find value in the details that hold our moments together, the colours that transfigure our shadows, and the voices that shape the silence in our life. Words penned in text books become visions for our reality, whilst stories from our reality carry the philosophy that empowers us

It doesn’t require the eye of a specialist or the attention of an intellectual mind to recognize and discover the value in the splinters of everyday life. It is in our nature to do so, since we are the thinkers and the creators of our reality, one with humankind, one with nature.

Look towards your environment, the people that surround you, the stories unraveling between the streets of your town, village, port or city. Unearth ideas that give meaning to your experiences, build experiences that inspire your mind and heart, then cultivate your inspiration into works of art. 

Share your Wisdom and bring it to life. Together, we will make a Tale.

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