Make the Tale your Own

How we work


Everything at Sophia’s Best begins with the Wisdom behind the Tale. You have picked a Tale from our collection with a specific wisdom. 


The Tale unfolds in a manner that aids in bringing the Wisdom forward for you to enjoy. However, you can choose elements, such as location, activities and duration. Do you have a specific location in mind? How much time do you have available? What types of activities thrill you? Of course if you don’t have anything particular in mind, we already have chosen locations and designed activities that suit the wisdom of your preference. Remember that changes will still need to reflect the nature of the Wisdom behind the Tale. Sometimes the Wisdom can only be experienced within a specific range of locations or activities. 


We will further refine the experience until it finally fits your every need in all the right ways. Here we handpick all the little and large ingredients that will enrich your journey into the Wisdom; you tell us in what level of quality and expertise you want the experience to be. Sometimes, you might have a simpler taste, one that needs fewer, basic ingredients. Other times, you may want every detail to be in the finest colour and stitched by the most knowledgeable hand. From the car that pulls you over the bumps of forests, the boat that trails the sea’s silk or the culinary mind behind your dishes and the comforts in your accommodation. Nothing escapes our eyes! Don’t forget! We will still keep secrets up our sleeves. Your experience will always be scattered with surprises and special moments for you to indulge.


The rhythm of our communication follows your personal tempo; you decide how extensively you want to be involved and how tedious or brief the process will be. But first, get in touch! You may fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately.