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We want to build partnerships with teams of people who share the same passion as us for life and the human experience.

Quality of life is the result of human thought and work. It is propelled by ideas, passed on by practices and left behind as material experiences and habits. As keepers of ideas, our materials and habits may guide fresh thought, as long as the ideas they shelter are brought out of their material encasement and recreate thoughts and experiences anew.

It is people’s ideas and acts that make up the fabric of our reality. We look for these people in whatever we do; we look for their stories, for their thoughts, their dreams and motivations, their fears and aspirations, the messages told and untold. We look for them in every act of everyday habits and rituals, of art and sciences, in the past and in the present.

It is within Sophia’s Best scope to explore, share, and recreate expressions of human experience and in so doing create a platform that not only promotes humanism as a philosophy of life but also allows for the development of fresh thought and work that values human existence and encourages the pursuit of happiness.

Our partners may include; groups of people with specific interests, businesses and institutions with a vivid interest in promoting happiness and well-being, and a strong orientation towards a humanistic approach that is participatory and all-inclusive.

If you share our ideas and philosophy of life, please contact us at:

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