Cultivate positive thinking and find your Muse.

The Tales in this Path show you the way to positive thinking - how to resolve the conflict between what is and what can be in your personal story.

They are designed to show you where you can find courage, how you can build trust, and how you can gain self-esteem in your efforts to bettering yourself, in your journey to well-being.  

Guided by Classical Wisdom you will recognize the beauty in what you deem ugly, the strength in what you experience as weakness and the potential that is cultivated in your failures. Positive thinking is about being aware of both the positive and the negative aspects of your experiences. The significance lies in taking it all in and making a conscious choice on moving forward – learning how to avoid the negative by consciously acting on the positive. 

From the echoing voices between marble amphitheater seats to the vibrating grounds of Rembetes dancers’ feet, a new perspective will emerge and encourage you. Whether you’re photographing your friends in the slopes on Helmos or cooking with locals in traditional farmhouses, you will recognize the aspects of life that have the power to inspire you. You’d be surprised by how simple they may be, but how significant an impact they may have on you.

“Hope is the dream of a waking man.” Aristotle 

What would you like as your Muse?

choose a Wisdom to discover a Tale


Be inspired by your ideals. Your values, your ideals, like a compass, allow you to navigate in your journey of life, giving you inspiration and courage in maintaining a course that gives you...


Love is your ultimate muse. It is love that will offer you happiness, support in overcoming differences and difficulties, inspiration in charting your journey through life. It is this bond that...

Inspiration is drawn from the experiences in the Tales themselves – they are your muse. You’re exposed to people, situations, landscapes and inspiring activities that liberate and awaken your spirit. Whether that is a spoon swirling in a broiling pot, a mask sliding to conceal the actors’ face, or a string on a guitar quivering at the touch of a finger, a new perspective will emerge, even for the most worn hand.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus had nine Muses to fuel his inspiration. They were considered to be the spring of all knowledge, embodied in the poetry, lyrical songs and myths of the time. Let Classical Wisdom through Sophia’s Best Tales help you find inspiration hidden in the common and the ordinary of daily reality. We believe in the magic of being simply human.

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