Find Direction in your Ideals

1 Day

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The Rembetes with their music and dance are an inspiring example of how ideals give your life a clear and strong sense of direction in a reality that feels ambiguous and stale.

For half a day in Piraeus, you will sing Rembetiko and dance Zeibekiko! Their music will encourage you to discover the ideals that make up your core character whilst their dance lets you bask in the freedom of embracing them. Local musicians and dance instructors will mentor you in the ways Rembetes’ found the courage to celebrate life with a clarity of self and an optimism rooted in idealism. 

Do you feel trapped in a daily routine, a daily repetition of things that bring you down and take the zest out of your life? Unfortunately, we forget that life becomes exciting when it is fulfilling, meaning, when it has a sense of purpose and direction.  

Finding direction is not an easy task because it is not always clear what direction will truly make us happy.  This Tale will remind you that you hold the potential in defining your direction and making the most of your everyday reality. Through Rembetiko music and dance you will become aware of the values that drive your actions and define your decisions, the ideals that shape your perspective on life. 

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They are the set of values that act as a guideline to the kind of life you want. They determine your priorities and the sacrifices you are willing to make in defining your path in life. It is the significance of family that justifies a restrained personal life for the warmth of belonging. The importance of integrity that risks friendships but saves you from dishonest people. The need for love that rejects opportunities but fills you with inspiration to grow. It is these principles that connect us as humans and empower you as an individual. 

It is your ideals that have the power to fill your reality with optimism and help you maintain an active stance in your life. They are your most trustworthy compass in your journey to personal happiness.

The Rembetes will show you how these ideas are the nonmaterial reasons that define who you are.

Your Tale unravels in Piraeus, a city where large metallic ships are the pillars of a neighborhood and corner streets hide tavernas as secret little havens. We begin singing and dancing in the afternoon and continue into the evening for a minimum of 8 hours. However, if your heart swells and your feet come alive to Rembetiko music, you can celebrate throughout the night and into the morning.  

You will explore Rembetes’ songs and music walking along Piraeus’ coastal streets, peering over the sea. The melody and lyrics of their songs capture all the difficulties and beauties of the human experience as a harmonious co-existence. Their reality was defined by an idealistic wish to move forward.  Simple lyrics, by seemingly uneducated men, but wise in meaning, honest in emotion and poetic in their truth. 

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Our dialectic games and activities – characteristic of Sophia’s Best Programs – will encourage you to play with the values that drive every human story, the principles that keep you rooted.

You will read, sing and even write Rembetiko songs; exploring the feelings and thoughts that inspire your own lyrics and color your own reality. 

You will sing whilst professional musicians play their baglamadaki and bouzouki! Together, your music rings against Piraeus’ homes. In a single verse, you feel the weight and lift of the Rembetes’ reality; where the difficulties of circumstances were overcome by the passions and promise of the human condition. You will sing words of pride and honor, of promise and hope and a life worth living. You will bring to life the values and ideals that surge inside you; that give you the energy and optimism to move forward. 

Rembetes could spill their souls through music and dance. In underground cluttered tavernas, words and body came together to express a zeal for life.  And so, when afternoon slips into evening, you too, will learn to dance. 

In an authentic taverna from 1932, a traditional dance instructor mentors you through the techniques of Zeibekiko. This is an improvised dance for the courageously honest. You will dance in a space safeguarded by camaraderie and a deep recognition of being human. Your feet are guided by the values you hold in your heart as the music beats against your chest.  

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Courage and honor lead your steps ahead whilst fear and insecurity draw them back. You bow down in the weight of your worries but rise up in the hope of what tomorrow may bring. You flow through the unexpected shifts and changes of music, only to realize the twists and turns of life’s challenges.

We don’t expect you to dance with the sway of a Rembetes or to move smoothly, we simply want you to courageously feel the passion with which they lived the moment, every moment – as precious and ephemeral as life itself. The way they basked in the honor of their reality with the light of their ideals.

Enthralled in the moment, with Rembetiko lyrics ringing around you, you dance with the truth of your stories and the honesty of your emotions leading the way. You let your internal drive and the music move your steps, let your body dip down to the ground and greet the sky, spin in exhilaration; feel free and empowered in the value of being human.

Settled in an aroma of afternoon wine and traditional food, you dance to the subtlest passions that forge you forward and give your feet direction.

What is Included

  • The Wisdom, “Ideals” is this Tales’ insight on how to live well. It is the very heart of this experience beating through everything you do and the way you do it. 
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor accompanies you throughout the day to guide you in the experience of the wisdom as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the other activities to illustrate the wisdom.
  • This experience unravels in one day; beginning in the afternoon and ending late into the evening
  • Two professional local musicians and a professional local dance instructor for tradtional Greek dances 
  • Local practices and activities, include but are not limited to;
    • Walk along the coast of Piraeus embodying the spirit of Rembetiko 
    • Immersion into the lyrics and music of Rembetiko with two local musicians 
    • Zeibekiko dance lesson with a local dance instructor
    • A final celebratory ‘gledi in an authentic 1930’s taverna
  • Transportation within Piraeus
  • Snacks and mezedakia to fuel your song and dance
  • A special lunch and dinner hosted in authentic tavernas and traditional Rembetadiko
  • All meals are authentically Greek made with local, organic produce 
  • Local beverages 

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Consider this Classic Tale a crash-course for you to dip your toes in Classical Wisdom! In one very full day! Although this Tale is small, we always try our best to create personal and fulfilling experiences that address the human in you. 

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