Feel the Power of True love

7 Days

8 max


Price Per Person
3,000 €


Falling in love is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying experience. It energizes you, sets your skin ablaze, awakens your mind and fills your heart with warmth.  All the while, it festers a fear of uncertainty as you question, “is this true love?”

Eros (έρωτας, erotas), true love nourishes and cultivates your heart and mind energizing your journey in life, bringing out the best in you, inspiring and supporting you in your pursuit of happiness. 

Sailing for 7 days in the Ionian you will feel the warmth of connection and the zeal of being in love. Plato’s ideas of love will revitalize you and ignite your passions. As you travel on the horizon of cypress trees and blue seas, your love will grow and you’ll come to know what Plato meant when he said true love sprouts the wings from which you soar. 

Although your partner might be good to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good for you. You can measure the quality of love by the effect it has on you. In the way your partner inspires you, uplifts you, encourages you, reminds you of your strengths and supports you in times of weakness. Your partner isn’t the one to complete you, but their love helps you fulfill yourself. Their love helps you progress and develop your own character, it shines light on the value within you and around you whilst giving you the courage to take ownership of your life.   

Nurturing a goodness for one another that lets you grow separately yet together. Like two trees sprouting individually yet flourishing under the same light upwards towards the same direction. With a shared destination in sight, you both forge your own paths, constantly encouraging one another’s strides. You find closeness and connection in the values that drive you forward; in the aspirations you have for tomorrow. Moving forward but parallel to each other, you beat as two hearts in a single journey of love.

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Beginning with how true you are with yourself and extending to how well you know your partner. Beyond your likes and dislikes, your profession or the way you spend your free time, how well do you truly know each other? Do you know what fills you up? What drains you? What warms your heart and makes you feel complete? Do you know how your partner would answer these?

Obvious and yet difficult and daunting to practice, being true allows you to recognise the values you share and the ideals that drive you both forward. It allows you to see if you both hold the same promise for tomorrow, if you hope to grow in a similar direction. Truth helps you decide if you truly are good for one another. If you are indeed the best companions in each other’s journey to personal growth.

Between the echoed laughter of coves and the quiet footsteps of midnight ports, experience a kind of love that is long-lasting and withstanding. Taste the goodness that comes from within; from your hearts, from the values and ideals you share. Bodies change, jobs are swapped, interests shift, friends come and go. Yet, the quality of your love stays the same because it is rooted in the truth of your characters and grows in the light of a shared purpose. 

This love - true love - fills you from the inside out. Fills you so, that as you grow you spill your love on one another, and together you are ever-growing.

Due to the nature of this Tale – a sailing trip – this program is only available in the summer. 

The Tale unravels in the waters of Cephalonia, Ithaca, Meganisi, Kalamos and other lesser-known neighboring islands. However, some of the specific locations, and their respective activities, are susceptible to change depending on the weather. But don’t worry, we will check with you before making any changes! Irrespective of any differences, the Wisdom remains the same as you sail on Ionian blues to experience Plato’s philosophy on true love.  

  • DAYS 1-3
  • DAYS 4-7

These first three days you will explore the truth in one another as you sail across blue silk and walk along island streets.

You fall in love with the peculiarities in your lover’s laugh, the way they like their coffee too sweet and the way they hook their thumb in the loop of your belt. You’re captivated and caught by the truth of their character. 

On the belly of a boat, you will discover just how deeply and truly you know your partner. Socrates advises that to truly know your lover is to know more than their quirks, their likes and dislikes. It is to know their true inner character; what they carry in their hearts, their beliefs, values and ideals. The aspirations and motives that push them forward. The nature of their thinking and feeling. 

Sailing activities and sea-bound games will be the playground for you to explore one another’s character. You will drift away from the port of Lefkada, trail the coasts of Kalamos and carve through the curls of coves in Meganisis for an adventure of truth. From snorkeling and fishing, tying ropes and sunbathing to dancing and drawing, you will be given the opportunity to be true to one another. Constantly being acutely aware of your partner’s behavior, peering into their actions and looking for the reasoning behind their choices. In the way they dive off the deck or dip into the sea, from their choice in swimsuit or afternoon snack, every act speaks truth. And if you listen closely, you just might hear it. 

Our dialectic games and activities – signature of Sophia’s Best programs – will have you playing with the attributes and qualities that make-up your own character.

Not only is it important to truly know your partner, but it is equally important to truly know yourself. From the port of Meganisis to the coves of Kalamos, you will recognize the truth you carry within yourself. Do you know the reasons that drive your actions, the insecurities and strengths behind your behaviour, the emotions and thoughts that guide your choices? What feeds your creativity and stimulates your mind? What values anchor you? What purpose does your compass point to? A Sophia’s Best Mentor will naturally bring these ideas forward, whilst casual conversations under the Grecian sun shine light on the qualities you harbor. Looking beyond the stereotypes and archetypes that define character you will expose yourself to all the beautiful complexities that linger beneath and you rejoice.

Your nights always come to a close with the clinking of cutlery and voices, and the gentle freedom of letting yourself go. The humility of a cove’s embrace or the authenticity of sea-side tavernas will inspire your own honesty in character. Delicious food appears then disappears before you whilst words and thoughts fill the air. Your laughs and voices echo against nature’s walls as the sea gently unrolls at your toes. And as the sky lulls into the solace of evening stars, you let yourself linger and cozy into the sentiments.  

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Carried by the subtle Ionian breeze, these next four days will challenge the ways you and your partner come together and grow.

Love inspires the coming together of two individuals, but it’s difficult to establish what that really means for your day to day reality. Differences collide and patience is tried bickering over unwashed dishes and discarded shoes in the living room. Whilst similar lifestyles and shared schedules don’t always guarantee happily ever after. Sailing between polychromatic ports, you’ll discover how to cultivate a love that brings you closer together whilst nourishing your individual growth. 

Calm blue pools around Ithaca’s coast will be the playground for you to navigate the turbulent waters of character differences. Upon recognizing each other’s truths, you see with clarity all the beautiful potentials for collision and conflict; all the places you and your partner differ. But despite your contrasting tastes and distastes, beyond your wildly opposing ideas of romance, you still love one another. Because you’ve fallen in love with the core of who they are, the nature of their character, the truth behind their behavior.  

Sophia’s Best games and challenges will humorously test how well you communicate through your differences.  Comical adventures in the water will inspire your athleticism and competitive side as you and your partner work together towards a common goal. From races, sea-shore obstacles courses and sailing ropes, you question how well you accommodate one another’s different characters. Can you express your ideas in a way they understand? Do they shift their perspective to understand you? What do you do when you can’t find common ground? Do you stay quiet whilst your partner takes the lead? Or do you work through it? What is different is not necessarily bad as long as its effect is always good for you. There is always more to discover in the night sky with a different pair of eyes beside you. 

With sails full and hearts fuller, you will untie the true meaning of growing separately but together.

Whilst the passions of lust and the magnetism of love draw you close to one another, you still have the space to grow individually. The ports and beaches are your safe space to tempt the dangers of being too love-tied, to feel the restraints of co-dependence and the freedoms of being a companion in one another’s personal journey. You’ll stumble and fall in the repercussions of being too love-bound, whilst the visions you share for tomorrow create a healthier and stronger bond.  

In dialectic games and activities, you will uncover how you can encourage one another’s personal growth.  Between the white open sails of your boat or the green open shutters of island homes, a Sophia’ Best Mentor will seamlessly help you see that your partner isn’t the other half to complete you; you are. Your lover gives you the energy you need to find your own fulfillment and make yourself whole. Wandering between the streets of Cephalonia’s pink and blue homes, you look to each other for direction. Together, you are guided by a shared promise for tomorrow and a vow to help one another grow.  Between the sun and the stars, between your breaths and stolen glances, beat two hearts and one truth. A truth you both define, a truth that transcends your love into “ever after”.

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On your last day, wrinkling Mediterranean cloth with the ripples of your boat, you sail home as two hearts in a single journey of love. Enamored and inspired by one another.

What is Included

  • The Wisdom, “ Love ” is this Tales’ insight on how to live well. It is the very heart of this experience beating through everything you do and the way you do it. 
  • Two Sophia’s Best Mentors accompanies you throughout the day to guide you in the experience of the wisdom as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the other activities to illustrate the wisdom.
  • The experience unravels from morning to evening for seven days. Each day is filled with activities where every moment is an opportunity to experience the wisdom.
  • A catamaran sailing boat that sleeps 8 (42ft+)
  • An expert  licensed captain  
  • Seafaring practices and activities, include but are not limited to;
    • Sailing between the islands Lefkada, Cephalonia, Ithaki, Meganisi, Kalamos and their lesser-known neighboring islands 
    • Exploring secret coves and beaches accessible only by sea 
    • Daytime adventures into island ports
    • Overnight stays at colorful Ionian ports 
    • Anchoring overnight in coves lit by the lantern moon 
    • Sea-centric activities are as limitless as the horizon; from swimming, fishing, seashell picking and snorkeling to our own unique Sophia’s Best games
    • Arts and crafts on the boat’s deck or pebbled seashores 
  • A “boat-load” of food, snacks and refreshments and alcoholic beverages as you sail 
  • Special lunches and dinners hosted in the local tavernas of ports 
  • Dinners onboard in the embrace of evening coves
  • All meals are authentically Greek made with local, organic produce 
  • Local beverages 

What is not Included

Our original price does not include transportation to the first port in Lefkada. However, we collaborate with local transportation agencies. There are multiple transportation options, so we will decide together upon a choice that respects your personal needs and budget. 

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Don’t worry, even without the extra personalization, each of our programs is made with you in mind! We always try our best to create personal and fulfilling experiences that address the human in you. 

If you want to personalize your experience by changing activities, duration or location, then choose Inquire. 

After you fill out the form, we will personally contact you to talk about your changes. Together we will personalize this Tale so that it fits your body and soul in all the right ways! 

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