Create so you may participate actively in your life’s making.

The Tales in this Path will help you realize the process of creation - the ability to make your own.

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We tend to forget that we create in every moment of every day, in the way that we are the makers of our lives and of who we become in its making.

Creating is the magic that springs from tasting life at the source; it is a process that reflects your ability to notice the details that make up your reality, to recognize the potential they hold in creating something new, and to synthesize with what you witness. It is a process of experimenting to bring meaning and beauty to otherwise faded out objects and ideas, moments and experiences, all the while, trusting yourself as the owner of the creation.

Like the carpenter who sees in the simplicity of a log the infinite possibilities its wood can create; the chef who sees in the simplicity of a tomato the taste of a wholesome sauce for a family dish; the grandmother who can pull a thread out of cotton to weave the carpet below her feet; the painter who sees in a single brush stroke of red the magnificence of a great painting.

The Tales in this Path will guide you in realizing the potential you hold in creating a meaningful life. You will play theatre and transform feelings into purposeful plots and characters, you will practice rhetoric and learn the process of creating fruitful discussions, you will cook to discover in the process of creating tastes how you may add flavor to your everyday, you will play games and partake in activities that bring your thoughts to life, in a meaningful and constructive way.

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Create in the infinite possibilities that simplicity provides. As humans we have our limitations and our potentials, we share the same possibility for growth and happiness. Yet the way you create...

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Well-being is not a state of being that we acquire effortlessly. On the contrary, like any other goal, it is the result of the efforts we exert when we actively participate in its making. 

It is within our human nature to act as the creators of our life, if we choose to actively participate in its making. It is the decisions we make and choices we take towards cultivating our true character that lead the way.  The more we immerse ourselves in the process of creating, the more our actions are guided by our ideas, beliefs and values, then the more present we become in defining our path and acquiring the wisdom to create a life better and truer to who we really are. 

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