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Classical Wisdom strongly suggests that as humans, we are – and should always be – interconnected. It is when we connect with other people that we feel a warmth in our days and realize the meanings that make up our lives. Together we create new ideas, distinguish our own truths and share a world of quality and value. Connect is a space for you to begin an ever-flowing exchange; a cycle of thoughts, stories, and experiences of truths and meanings. When individual truths connect and come together, they form one beautiful mosaic whose colorful pieces and wisdom inspire us all.

You may post an Experience, your Views, Artwork/Photograph, Video or Music. In any language and any medium of expression you prefer. 

“A friend is a second self, so that our consciousness of a friend’s existence… makes us more fully conscious of our own existence.” Aristotle

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From personal human stories, heartwarming memories or even awkward moments;  share the wisdom you’ve gained from your experience of living.

Express yourself through your artwork

From creative writing, visual arts, music, crafts or any other medium of art;  bring wisdom to life with your artwork.

Share your views

From personal opinions, different perspectives and new ideas; share your insights on the world around you and within you. 

The Wisdom


True love energizes your journey in life, bringing out the best in you, making you aware of those qualities that truly matter, guiding, and inspiring and supporting you in your pursuit of happiness.

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Achieving simplicity is the result of a self-discovery process that provides you with the wisdom to pay attention to those things that make life real, those qualities that give it color, taste and texture.

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Finding balance is about finding peace between who you are and who you want to be, between what you do and what you would like to be doing. Don’t dwell on what choice to make but rather on how you choose to behave.

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Socrates warns us to make sure that our walk of life is true and meaningful, a result of our experiences, our reasoning, and our true character. To come to our own understanding of the world.

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Our values (ideals), allow us to question our experiences, providing a better understanding of our reality, revealing the truth about our feelings, our actions and our choices.

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Personal Stories

March 18, 2020Connect

We’re all Seagulls

The salty wild smells from the azure depths below you, fills your lungs while sailing, weightlessly in the air with your wings open. Close your eyes and dive, till you’re right above the surface. The small waves keep changing nuances...

March 10, 2020Connect

Luxury Redefined

We scroll through our social media feeds victim to an infinite collection of social influencers, celebrities, artists and models selling luxury. Slippery tan bodies sprawled on the top of yachts......

March 10, 2020Connect

Our Need

As we frantically scurry through our lives, we are all searching for one thing. Although it comes in different forms and goes by many names, ultimately our need is one: happiness. We all seek out......

March 8, 2020Connect


It’s the closest sensation to not existing: floating. I wriggle my toes against the stones and face the sea. Brushes of grey, white and black colour the shore and peak in the curvature of my feet....


The investigation of the truth is in one way hard, in another easy. An indication of this is found in the fact that no one is able to attain the truth adequately, while, on the other hand, no one fails entirely, but everyone says something true about the nature of all things, and while individually they contribute little or nothing to the truth, by the union of all a considerable amount is amassed.


 Aristotle Metaphysics

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