Dione Cavadias

Luxury Redefined

We scroll through our social media feeds victim to an infinite collection of social influencers, celebrities, artists and models selling luxury. Slippery tan bodies sprawled on the top of yachts…

Our Need

As we frantically scurry through our lives, we are all searching for one thing. Although it comes in different forms and goes by many names, ultimately our need is one: happiness. We all seek out…


It’s the closest sensation to not existing: floating. I wriggle my toes against the stones and face the sea. Brushes of grey, white and black colour the shore and peak in the curvature of my feet.

An Infinite Sea’s End

Sinking in the shore with grains of sand indefinitely trickling over my toes, I wander into the vastness of the sea. And like every man before me, I fall victim to the beauty of its uncertainties.

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