Daphne Cavadias

We’re all Seagulls

The salty wild smells from the azure depths below you, fills your lungs while sailing, weightlessly in the air with your wings open. Close your eyes and dive, till you’re right above the surface. The small waves keep changing nuances with the glistening sun on the horizon…

Feel the Power of True love

In this Tale, Plato’s ideas of love will revitalize you and ignite your passions. Sailing for seven days in the Ionian you will feel the warmth of connection and the zeal of being in love. You’ll come to know what Plato meant when he said true love sprouts the wings from which you soar.

Measure – The Wisdom

Finding balance is about finding peace between who you are and who you want to be, between what you do and what you would like to be doing. Don’t dwell on what choice to make but rather on how you choose to behave…

Ideals – The Wisdom

Our values (ideals), allow us to question our experiences, providing a better understanding of our reality, revealing the truth about our feelings, our actions and our choices.

Truth – The Wisdom

Socrates warns us to make sure that our walk of life is true and meaningful, a result of our experiences, our reasoning, and our true character. To come to our own understanding of the world.

Simplicity – The Wisdom

Achieving simplicity is the result of a self-discovery process that provides you with the wisdom to pay attention to those things that make life real, those qualities that give it color, taste and texture…

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