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Hello, or rather, γεια σας!

We are a Greek family who want to share the liberating and empowering philosophy behind Greek culture: Classical Wisdom.


Our team is our family, literally. Everything you see and read, but more importantly, everything you will experience in our programs is made with the love of us five family members.

We want to pull the chasm between classic and contemporary thought to a close, to inspire you to experience, feel and practice the values of the ancient Greek thinkers in your everyday reality. We believe that the thoughts and ideas of the past shouldn’t remain in the confines of a book or museum, instead we want people to surge in the zeal for life that lies in Classical Wisdom; to feel, to participate and to engage with the wisdom the great thinkers have left behind. And they left behind a guide to happiness and well-being!

Classical Wisdom will show you how life is what you make of it and you can make it meaningful and fulfilling, because life is not merely what is, but what it can be if you actively participate in the experience of living. 

Elizabeth Glaros

Cognitive psychologist, Semiotician

Dione Cavadias

Writer & Editor

Daphne Cavadias

Visual Artist

Panayotis cavadias

Business Consultant

Daeira Cavadias

Junior Advisor

A letter from the Founder

As a Greek, I experience first-hand the power of human connection within Greek culture, the magic it holds in finding ways of touching your heart, in making you feel welcomed, in warming its way behind your guard allowing you to open up, to laugh at your awkwardness and that of the other, to share your personal feelings, lifting with compassion the reservations that hold you back.

I believe that the culture we enjoy today has its roots in Classic Wisdom. That the liberating philosophy of Classical Wisdom endured the changes of time and is alive in the heart of Greek culture today. I want to share the tolerance with which this philosophy accepts our imperfections, the maturity with which it embraces our weaknesses, the pride with which it acknowledges our strengths, but most importantly, the sheer joy and delicious empowerment it provides in allowing us to be human.

I want to encourage people to cultivate all those qualities that make us human. To come in touch with the immense strength that you hold within you and discover the value and self worth that is your merit of being human. To recognise those inner attributes of your character that underlie your experiences and define the quality of your life giving it meaning and purpose. Those that guide your choices, give direction to your actions, shape your dreams of the future and mark the quality of your relationships.

So, take on and become an ambassador of this philosophy of life, of the confidence that: if we live our life to its fullest, engaging in the struggle of our human paradox, with dignity and measure (metro, “μέτρο”) we can find true happiness. Laughing in dealing with grief, feeling fear in being bold, finding inspiration in the seemingly irrational, arguing only to find relief, showing compassion to find strength, seeing the brightness in the darkness of a cloudy day, connecting with others to find your true self. 

Καλή αντάμωση 

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