Your Guide to Well-Being and Good Living (ef zin, "ευ ζην")

For those of you, who are in search of that little bit more, who thirst for meaning in life, fulfillment in being true to yourself and comfort in sharing genuine human contact, for those of you who look for inspiration and courage in your pursuit of happiness, Sophia’s Best is your mentor. 

We create programs with authentic experiences designed to encourage your journey to personal happiness (eudaimonia, “ευδαιμονία”) and good living (ef zin, “ευ ζην”).

The Classical Way

Don’t change Yourself, Better Yourself

“There is one end [aim] we all have – no tin virtue of being rational, but simply in virtue of being human – and that is happiness.” Aristotle

We are inspired by the thinkers of Classical Wisdom and their positive philosophy on life. Classical Wisdom embodies a humanistic view on life as a journey forward, a journey of learning and bettering yourself. It is about moving forward on a path you create, drawing meaning from the little and large matters of your life; from the color of your front door to the last time you said I love you. 

Life can be what you make of it and you can give it meaning and purpose. When you participate in the experience of living to gain personal wisdom (sophia, “σοφία”) and cultivate your character in bringing out the Best in yourself.

Experience the Wisdom

Stimulate your Mind and Energize your Heart

You will experience this philosophy of life through our authentic Tales of Wisdom.

Each Tale is a program singular in purpose, designed to offer you as a whole, a single life enriching experience giving you a fresh perspective on how you come to view life and find inspiration in your journey to well-being. 

We sift through Classical works of art and literature, theatre, philosophy and mythology and unearth their ideas to create fulfilling experiences for you. Philosophize about truth between the streets of Athens’ neighborhoods, explore the makings of wise choices in the flavors of Aigialeia’s wine or muse in the light of your ideals dancing Zeimbekiko in Piraeus. Be invigorated by Classical Wisdom!

Our Tales are made up of a collection of alternate activities that allow you to experience the wisdom naturally and spontaneously. 

A Sophia’s Best Mentor brings the wisdom to life with dialectic games and exercises. All the while, you come close to locals. Through their practices and activities you experience the techne of their craft and witness wisdom applied in reality. Marrying the concept and practice of wisdom into an experience designed to bring out the best in you.   

And all of this in authentic locations of sun-soaked Greece!

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How the Wisdom Becomes your Experience


Paths reflect the different, yet connected, routes we take to find our true selves and happiness. Pick the best path for your personal journey! Philosophize, Explore, Muse or Create! There is a path for each and every one of you! Don’t worry! The path you take only changes the way you experience wisdom. It won’t change the selection of wisdom you can choose from.


Classical Wisdom is your guide to good living. Find the wisdom that will invigorate you! Whether you need Plato’s thoughts to dispel your doubts on true love or Socrates’ simplicity to discover the real you. Their wisdom will give you the energy you need to move forward in your adventure!


Experience the wisdom in one of our Tales! We have three types of programs:

1 day programs designed to introduce you to a Wisdom. These have fixed activities, duration and location. 

2 – 7 day programs designed for a deeper exploration of the Wisdom. Although location is fixed, there is room to personalize activities and duration. 

A Tale fully personalized to all your needs so that you may truly immerse in the Wisdom. Everything from activities, duration and even location.

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Classic Tales
Enriched Tales
Immersive Tales

Feel the Power of True love

Enriched Tales, Love, Muse

In this Tale, Plato’s ideas of love will revitalize you and ignite your passions. Sailing for seven days in the Ionian you will feel the warmth of connection and the zeal of being in love. You’ll come to know what Plato meant when he said true love sprouts the wings from which you soar....

Immersive Tales

Immerse into the Wisdom with a Tale designed just for you. From location, duration and activities, we handpick all the little and large ingredients that bring the Wisdom to life in an experience that fits your every need in all the right ways....

Find the Happy Human in You

Classical Wisdom has one of the most accepting philosophies of the human condition; revealing an acceptance of the humanly imperfect that is as strong as the desire for the human ideal. It nurtures a deep appreciation for the experience of living, not as a series of milestones but as a journey of self-development. 

But this journey to personal wisdom (Sophia, “σοφία”) is one that requires of us to plunge, as humans, in the experience of living. To allow ourselves to be human, to expose ourselves to the paradox of our feelings and to connect with others in discovering ourselves. It is an enabling journey that helps us fulfill our potential as humans through personal learnings. 

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Aristotle

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